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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

let there be light

My living room is dark.

Who am I kidding? My whole apartment is dark, which I will never stop complaining about (unless I convince the coop board to let me knock two new windows in the place). To make matters worse, there is a light switch in the living room that does absolutely nothing. Apparently every apartment in the building has the same decorative switch. It's such a tease.

Anyway, I've needed lamps for the living room for over a year. I finally found this lucite and peach ceramic beauty for a mere 25 bucks at a junk shop in Red Hook. People are always telling me that I have to pay retail. But once again I've gotten something for nothing. And a fine something it is. Look how cute it is with the cracked lucite finial. And would you check out that color. My friend Isaac thought I was insane when I got it, but even he agrees that the peach against the green walls really warms up the room.

Now, tell me, what kind of shade should I get?


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